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A lot of Indian restaurants in kampala serves Biryani but we are still the best option for authentic Dum Biryani as per our customers.Our Dum Biryani is prepared in ancient old method with meat marinated with spices for hours & hours, then soaked in yoghurt before cooking. The meat is sandwiched between layers of fragrant long grained basmati rice and cooked on Dum after sealing the vessel with dough.Our chefs have more than 30 years of Dum Biryani experience in famous Biryani centers in india and abroad.

As the famous chef Dassana Amit has said, "For a biryani to be a biryani…it has to be cooked on dum. The biryanis which are pressure cooked, do not remain a biryani anymore…at least they should not be called biryani."

We have hosted many Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Graduation Parties, Reunions and even Weddings. We can proudly call ourselves Best Restaurant in Kampala as our Customers has made us this strong by their support and understanding.Most of our Customers like to Hangout with Friends & Family in our Open Garden Restaurant to spend the good amount of time with their Loved Ones. We also provide Best Romantic Dinner arrangements in Kampala, so that One can express their feelings confidently or Spend a Quality time with their Better Halfs.

Host your dinner and reception in the Biryani house. conveniently located in the Kampala, Biryani house ambiance is very nice and good venue for dinner. Biryani house has a wide range of menus, that is mouth-watering dishes. You will love it. Our team will assist you to host your memorable dinner and reception event.


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