A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerised replacement for a cash register which can process credit and debit cards. A customer needs to enter a card PIN to complete the transaction using the PoS terminal.The main advantage of a computerized POS system over a cash box or a cash register is the sophisticated and detailed sales reports it provides. The software lets you analyze daily in different ways, such as by order placed, time periods, promotions, etc. There are Different Elements which makes POS a much needed upgrade for your Restaurant.



Dashboards is designed to find the all orders made by the customers. One can get all the information about How many items has been ordered, it’s price and many more. Dashboard is interactive to drill out which item has sold more than expected.

Dashboard reflects all your restaurants products and services with all the details from ordering, cooking and dispatching, that means you can put all in one. Dashboard can be configured from different groups of users, such as managers, owners and accessed employees.


Most important element i.e. Order, you can monitor Real-Time Orders. You will have access to check all recent/past orders and order details. See customer details that placed order and respective order history. One can monitor all the Order processing function and improve the needful flaws in the Process.


Maintaining the Right Stock of Ingredients will not be an hassle with our POS system as it makes easy to track the usage of available ingredients and alert when something is low in stock. You can also set the minimum available stock alert which makes it easy to re-stock the essentials everytime something is about to stock-out.


Inventory consists of all items and raw materials which are used in to prepare the dishes, and its management is very important for future. As the volume of business is grows in restaurant, to maintain your inventory will be very crucial in restaurant operation.Mappfy will help you to develop and design a POS software, so that you can check the stock count from the start of day and the stock closing at the end of the day.


Every Business consist of Finance which needs to be calculated with the help of Income and Expense. In Restaurant Business, it is quite difficult to track the Income part as it is available from so many sources. At Mappfy, we have made perfect solution for this action as our POS system can calculate all the total income earned between the mentioned span of time. Now just detecting the expenses will give you Total number of Profit your Restaurant has earned.


As the Restaurant Business expands the one more thing which adds in the Stress List is How to manage the Reservation and Assigning table to so many Customers at one time. It becomes more mess if its a walk-in customer. But we have made it simple by developing the Easy Table Assigning which assigns the table automatically depending on the number of people and booking time.


Once dashboard is ready for access. You can give and access to other like your manager, where he can View and manage list of all your customers that placed an order from your website. Access customer info including their order history, physical address, phone number, email address and see which customers opted in to receive Email and SMS marketing and many more.



This function allows you to send an Automated Replies to Online Email inquiries. It can also be used to send the confirmation email of Bookings and Reservations to the Customer. Collecting this Email Ids can later help to plan a proper Re-Marketing Strategies for your Restaurant Exclusive Deals & Offers.


We at Mappfy will help you with the all the installation and training on How to use our POS for better work flow and plan execuetion. From Manager Panel to Kitchen Panel everything will be settled down to meet the effective user friendly use requirements.



In Restaurant business menu plays important role. More the menu, more the business. People always look for new menu or new dishes. Mappfy will help you to add, edit and delete the menus. Suppose, you have stopped serving some food which comes under specific menu, by using this function you can remove it.


Menu items are added under menu type. Here the same things we can do like, we can add, edit and delete the item from a particular Menu. You can upload a several items in one menu.


Notification is also important part in Master. Suppose, someone has orders something like food or beverage. Waiter should enter details in the system whether customer has received or not. There might be a several cases like drink refil request, order placed, order has been delivered, order ready to deliver,waiter call request. Mappfy will provide you to add this notifications in your business application.



Dashboard in Kitchen Panel makes it kitchen operations easy. Everything can be handled on a single click. No more daily count and audit of available materials and essentials, Our POS makes it count and calculated faster than it could be stocked out. It also helps to take orders more efficiently with the help of Manager Panel on the main counter.


Kitchen Inventory is something which plays the most important role in Restaurant Business. Maintaining the inventory is also one of the complicated task. Our POS makes it easy well to do process for you. You can set the alert for minimum maintained stock and it will send a reminder for filling up the stock.


Vegetables, Rice, etc food cooking items are what set as Raw materials in Restaurant Business. But every restaurant have their own profile or Cuisine which they provide. Maintaining the Ingredients for that specific kind of dishes is what requires attention. Mappfy developed the POS which performs this task very well. So Just load it for the first and then relax for the rest of it.


Notification is also important part in Master. Suppose, someone has orders something like food or beverage. Waiter should enter details in the system whether customer has received or not. There might be a several cases like drink refil request, order placed, order has been delivered, order ready to deliver,waiter call request. Mappfy will provide you to add this notifications in your business application.



Managing a table with respective number of customers and their orders by checking the active/ inactive table in your Restaurant is one Big Task. Waiter Panel makes it easier. It also helps in better Billing and Invoicing Management for your Restaurant Business. We, at Mappfy will provide you the required Waiter Panel Access with Pre-loaded features so that your Restaurant Waiters can easily maintain all the orders effectively from start to end. We can also specific training to upload entire data on software. Waiter can take the orders and instantly send it to Kitchen for Quick Delivery because No-one likes to wait for Good Food.


Waiter My Order is one of the most important features in Waiter Panel as it shows the number of customers and their orders being handled by one single waiter. On a Good Business Day, One waiter has to manage more than one customer or table at a time. This function makes it easy for them as well for Kitchen too to understand and sort the Overall Ordering.


This function is very much similar to waiter my order. It allows the Admin to manage all the Orders from All the Waiters in your Restaurants at same time. This will help you to solve your tedious task in few minutes. You can calculate the Business Revenue more efficiently by identifying the most demanding dishes and timings with the Help of this Feature.


Help Request Option lets your waiters and staff handle the emergency situation efficiently and effectively without creating much hassle or nuisance. Any type of hard situation like Unconsciousness of some customer or Spotting a Culprit Criminal in your Restaurant. Such Situation can be handled easily with the help of this feature in your Restaurant Management System.


Refill Request makes it easy for Customers and waiters to re-order the quickly consumed food or drink and send it to kitchen for Quick Delivery. Most of the Bars are well equipped with this functions and features in their POS as Customers don’t like their Glasses Empty.

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