Google Adwords Marketing

Combined users of all Google services such as YouTube, Google+, G-mail, Android play store, Google chrome are around 7.5 Billion a month including the single user using multiple Google services. It is impossible for any business to become profitable without using some of their budget for advertising on Google. Mappfy has a lot of experience in helping the customers get the benefit of Google Adwords marketing. Our people are Google certified and they understand how to get more clicks at a lesser cost while advertising on Google Adwords.

MSN BING Adword Marketing

MSN manages Skype, Hotmail, outlook, windows mobile phone, windows operating system and BING search engine. Combined traffic for all their services is more than 1.5 Billion active users. It is also cheaper to use MSN BING platform for online advertisements vs Google Adwords. In some regions, MSN BING Adword campaign gives good ROI. Mappfy can help its client to advertise on MSN BING platform, helping them get more customers at a lesser cost.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms to advertise various services and products with 2 billion active users worldwide. We are doing Facebook marketing for one of the restaurants who had 1300 Facebook follower when we started out. In six months we have helped the restaurant get 40k followers and thousands of business enquiries worth more than $500,000. Our Facebook certified marketing experts in Mappfy can help you find your next customer through Facebook marketing.

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