Our Facebook Marketing campaigns generate quality business leads for our clients as shown in the image

Our Facebook Marketing generates quality business enquiries through comments below our posts

In last 6 months we have generated 1131 potential business leads for our clients through Facebook Marketing

Attached picture shows the number of followers which we manage to increase it from mere 1300 to 63000 in 12 months time.

Similarly the number of page likes increased from mere 1300 to 63000 in 12 months period.

At Mappfy, Our team has shown enough efforts to get 150 to 200 followers per day on the Facebook Page of Biryani House.

We also worked on promoting Video content of Biryani House which hiked to 200 views from 70 views per day on Facebook.

Post Reach has also been maximized by promotion campaign which resulted in 75k+ reach per day on Facebook.

We suceeded to target young age group from 18 to 30 which are the real engaging customers for the Restaurant like Biryani House.

We help you set up twitter account , create tweets and share on twitter. We can also set up paid campaign on twitter to increase your followers

At Mappfy, Our experienced team can get 1m+ impressions on your Twitter's post in a single day.

Mark yourself as Business on Instagram with the help of Mappfy

And start getting expected inquiries from Relevant Audience

By Attention Grabbing and Engaging Posts & Interesting Brand Profile.

Taking this Extra step on LinkedIn to reach Big Penny Holders

Can get your Restaurant in the eyes of some more Valuable People.

Setting up Google+ can really jump you up on Search Engine

As well as start collecting some followers for your Restaurant Business

With some Eye satifying posts and Online engagement.

Google My Business will help your Audience find you easily on the Web Haystack.

Also keeping records of on How many searches you have been appeared.

Video content is what you need the most in 2018 for engaging with Audience. And when it comes to Video Content, Youtube is the place to be.

Google Map is integrated with Google My Business which helps New Audience find your Restaurant location in real time

It also provides your Restaurant's number, Website, Email ID & other means of contact, which helps your Audience to be in touch with your Restaurant anytime.

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