Email Automation

Send emails to an individual person based on his behaviour. No need to create bulky lists multiple times. Set a parameter and send mail when it is actually required. Want to send mail just when someone subscribes to your Restaurant’s Newsletter? or want to send a Thank-You mail when your customer confirms a Booking or Reservation on your Restaurant website? Automation is what you need.

Responsive Emails

You don't know when and where your Restaurant Customers will open your mail. Is it a computer, tablet or mobile? Our team will design Responsive Email for your Restaurant Customer which gives you the freedom and ability to impress your business customers anywhere. Your Mail will look attractive and beautiful by all angles grabbing more attention of Customers and generating more Walk-In in your Restaurant.

Manage Restaurant Customers

Store your Customers Email IDs in contact lists and manage them easily. You can perform segmentation to filter contacts, use lists in campaigns, automation, A/B testings, etc. This helps to plan and execute the Restaurant Marketing Campaign more effectively and efficiently. Our team can also provide training to manage all this by your End.

Personalized Message

Each customer is unique and needs special attention. Instead of saying "Hi there" says, "Hello Sam". By giving a personal touch to the Email Content, you will notice that the Audience will be responding more actively and with better interest. We will design a proper personalized message according to your Restaurant Business Profile, which will develop a proper understanding of your Restaurant in Customer’s Mind.

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